Terms and Conditions

  • Dreamzz Tradewing, Dadimaa and Dreamzz Global are all registered names trademarks of Dreamzz Tradewing LLP, any form of use of any of these, without written permission of the legal owners, will lead to prosecution, at the violator’s cost.

  • The Dreamzz Tradewing E-Library content & application is for use by people, authorised exclusively by Dreamzz Tradewing LLP.

  • Dreamzz Tradewing reserves the right to accept or reject any application to subscribe to this library.

  • Dreamzz Tradewing will define subscription rates, as per norms, it deems fit for usage

  • 100% subscribers will need to pay 100% subscription fee, in advance and the tenure of the usage will be basis subscription chosen by the applicant.

  • All payments need to be made to only to Schools / companies / People authorised exclusively by Dreamzz Tradewing. Dreamzz Tradewing shall not be liable for any payment by anyone, to any unauthorised Schools / companies / People.

  • Dreamzz Tradewing LLP, may modify / delete / add content to this library, without any prior information to any of the subscriber.

  • Any use of this library, other than authorised in writing by Dreamzz Tradewing LLP, will lead to prosecution at the violator’s cost.

  • School will have an option to request for adding any book, basis an agreement in writing and advance payment pertaining to digital book development cost, for that specific book, other than the ones, which are being done independently by Dreamzz Tradewing LLP, for all subscribers.

  • One subscriber will be eligible for one user ID & password to access the library and circulation of such individual user ID & password to any unauthorised person / community / office / company / institute or any other establishment, will lead to prosecution at cost of the violator.

  • In case Dreamzz Tradewing LLP find / traces or learns any unauthorised use of any of the service in part or in whole, it reserves the right to block access of the user responsible for such unauthorised use by others.

  • If a school is found at any misuse / unauthorised use of the service, then their access will be blocked, due to which all students login ID & passwords of their students will also get automatically blocked and the school will remain solely answerable and accountable financially or otherwise to all such students or their parents.

  • In any form of event where Dreamzz Tradewing LLP blocks a user for unauthorised use or act, there will be no refund of the subscription amount.

  • Dreamzz Tradewing LLP will not refund any subscription amount, even if the subscriber does not use the service, after making payment to Dreamzz Tradewing LLP or it’s authorised partner / school / person / company / others for such a subscription.

  • There will be no refund or extension of subscription duration, by Dreamzz Tradewing LLP in the event of website not functioning for technical reasons / over small durations / internet connectivity issues.

  • The user will be sole responsible for the quality & speed of library content display and performance as the same is dependent on the user’s ISP / Internet connectivity provider.

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